We want to hear from you and sure you have a lot to share with the community.

Not sure from where to start? Below are some starter questions to help you start:

  • Did you have a challenge that you have recently went through and finally got it resolved?
  • What approach did you take to?
  • Why was this approach taken?
  • What went into deciding on that approach?
  • What is this [topic/software/etc] that was chosen and why?
  • What lessons came out of it?

Now that you made up your mind about to share, follow the link below to share your thoughts with the world:

  • Install git on your system
  • Request access to this repo
  • Clone the repo
  • Update the repository configuration with your details:
    • git config user.name "Your Name"
    • git config user.email 'YourEmail@adjust.com'
  • Create a new branch with your article name
    • Note: you can’t write into the main branch
  • If not done before, create a file with your author information
    • Look into data/authors/ for examples, and create one file with your preferred username
    • Fill in your details (like name, or social media links)
  • In content/posts => Create new .md file and add your content
    • You can use: hugo new post/YourPostName.md
    • Replace YourPostName with your posting name, all lowercase
    • Add all authors for the posting, use the author names from data/authors/, you can have multiple authors per post
  • Your starter file should look something like this
title: "Blog title"
date: 2022-11-28T12:49:09+01:00
- authorname
- one category
- another category
draft: true
  • Run make server to see a preview of your blog article
  • Review and finalize your article
  • Once ready change draft: true to false
  • Run git status to see all changed files
  • Use git add to add all files
  • Commit the changes
  • Finally push the commit(s) to the online repository:
    • git push origin YourBranchName
    • Follow the instructions how to create a Pull Request

To know more about the blog features and options

The blog is based on and integrated theme hugo-paperMod

  • You can find theme documentation here